What are some movies and television shows that An INTJ would love that gets them thinking? 

Personally, I recommend things like Ancient Aliens or Decoded if conspiracy theories are up your alley (they’re way up mine).  

Some of the earlier seasons of the Doctor Who reboot are excellent (though I’d recommend skipping the episodes written by Moffat, as he has a tendency to kill the appeal of the shows monsters).  

Horror movies are a good alley for analysis and poking fun at stupid things, and Animal Planet has this old series called Lost Tapes—it’s got a bunch of fictionalized stories about cryptids “caught on tape” which, though admitted to be fictional it has a bunch of history and legends for various places.

Elementary is my favorite Sherlock rewrite, and would be likely to appeal to an INTJ—though I suppose the BBC one would appeal as well.  They have 2 very different aesthetics, for being about the same relative people. 

Thank you for the reply. You said i was considered being on the ego ladder.  however, I am curious to know what causes someone’s ego to rise. I used to be very low self-esteemed for an INTJ.  I noticed a huge change in myself. growing up, i worried what people thought about me and i used to worry about how to talk to people when they encountered me. now i am energized, and i dont care about anything lately. i have noticed i have become more aggressive with people as well. My only thing that has never changed was how i feel so many people are illogical and i just want them to make some sense.  I am curious to know what could have sparked the change in my attitude?

A more defined sense of self caused the change.  INTJs in particular will take the parts they dislike about themselves and twist them into something they like better over time.

This question is more about sexual intercourse and how INTJs are.  I’m 22 with friends who have had sexual intercourse and they rip on me for not even having my first kiss but i truthfully don’t care.  They could say all the nastiest things to me but it never bothers me.  My question is, do INTJs care about having sex? I am constantly questioning if it’s an INTJ thing or just me. When having a serious talk with my friends about it and how they think I am weird, i always tell them how I feel. I will say “I prefer classy sophisticated women who don’t put out easily than a trashy whorish woman who puts out easily” I’ll admit it. I don’t have any care to have sex. I just wanna know if my attitude towards the whole subject is an INTJ thing or if it’s just how i am.  Thank you!

First, step down off the “ego ladder” and realize that sex=/=”trashy” or “whorish” and chastity=/=”classy” or “sophisticated”

On a SIGNIFICANTLY less sexist note, perspective towards sex is unlikely to be determined by personality type and more likely to be influenced by personal background, beliefs, etc.  Given the fact that both asexual INTJs and nymphomaniacal INTJs exist, it’s not really fair to tie sexuality to an MTBI type.

Anonymous asked: Also a reminder that you cannot make any conclusions when you take this test as a teenager. In psychology they suggest you take this when you are 18+ (closer to 25 is best). This is due to how hormones can alter your affect, behavior, and cognition. If you are in your 20's you are more likely to have a better understanding of what your type is.

Anonymous asked: Hello there. I am a teenaged INTJ whose family is ENFP, ESFJ, and ISTJ. They are all very friendly people, and (with the exception of the ISTJ) very extroverted as well. As a result of this, I am very friendly and warm given that I test as INTJ. Do you believe this indicates I am actually INFJ (please no) or that I have simply adapted to my surroundings?

It’s probably just an adaptation to your surroundings.

i-am-ghostie asked: What is the best domestic partner for an INTJ? :)

(Cont) What is the best domestic partner for an INTP?

INTJ and INTP would likely be the most suited domestic partners, given their similarities in lifestyle and personality.

hellbratxoxo asked: I know INTJ scored on the MBTI can be the result of depression and bipolar disorder is closely related to depression.

Anonymous asked: I would like to say that, to me, blunt and honesty is not the same. As is, being blunt is to impulsively say your completely honest thoughts right when you think them. But to be honest is to refrain from being blunt and saying the truth or honest opinion after you're asked. Not saying blunt is completely bad though. (standing up for someone for example)But 'all-around blunt people', to me, have no discipline. Blunt every now and then is fine. But not all the time.

Anonymous asked: Do INTJ's have a history with schizophrenia?

Not that I’m aware of.

Anonymous asked: Hey y'all, I'm a teenager with anxiety as well! I was shocked to find out there were so many others like me. As another anonymous said, it's horribly annoying when people goof around in class. Don't they realize school is for learning?