waldosbestfriend said: INTJ - CONFLICTED! (I've noticed a lot of Hufflepuff and peace maker traits lately and while the loyalty is also a Slyth trait, peace maker isn't... Basically I know I'm anything except for a Gryffindor.)

I can help!

One of the biggest things about the sorting process is that you often get put in the house embodying the qualities you value, not just the ones you possess (ie. Hermione and Neville, who embodied Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff-esque qualities as well as Griffyndor qualities, but preferred Gryffindor values more).

Also, it should be noted that Hufflepuffs have the loyalty trait as well. ┬áIt’s just that they have it in the “I’d die for you” sense, rather than the “I’d kill for you” sense.

TL:DR, pick the qualities you value most when choosing your house.

Anonymous said: You should do a mini survey about INTJs in Hogwarts.

I should and I will.

Anonymous said: I'm an INTJ Slytherin as well!

Anonymous said: INTJ Slytherin

Anonymous said: Another INTJ Ravenclaw, here! Given the facets of the personality type, I'd expect that the predominant houses INTJs sort into would be either Ravenclaw or Slytherin, perhaps dependent on the various ratios of N over S or J over P within the type. The two houses supposedly work very well together, as well, which would make sense if so many of us are INTJ!

Anonymous said: Hmm interesting. People tend to think i'm Hufflepuff, but i'm a Gryffindor/Slytherin (got a hat stall). I, also, am an intj